Opening of the 2012-2013 SeasonTuesday 11 de December de 2012

Opening of the 2012-2013 Season

On Monday 22 of October the sightseeing flights season officially started!

"El Caminante" Travel Agency arrived with 14 passangers at the air club, early in the morning, so as to enjoy an unforgettable expirience at the end of the world.

The european visitors boarded in our fleet (despite the cold wather) to overflight the city from 1500 feets (500 meters). Amazing places such as Le Martial Glaciar, the Cañadon de La Oveja and the Susna Mount were spotted, while heading west to the border between Argentina and Chile.

Near to the "Lapataia" National Park, the aircraft flew all over the Beagle Channel, and the Lapataia and Ensenada Bay were spotted to. The "Isla Redonda" (Round Island) looks majestic between both bays.

Once we arrived to the Chilean border, near the milestone 26, we made a 180º turn, heading east and a few minutes later, we were flying over the amazing Les Éclaireurs Lighthouse (known as "End of the World Lighthouse"). In that section of the flight the passanger were able to see the Hoste Island (Chile), the Navarino Island (Chile), and even the Murray Channel, located south of Tierra del Fuego Island. When the weather conditions are good, and the sky is clear it's possible to see the famous Cape Horn (68 NM south of Ushuaia)

After that, the aircraft flew to the Ushuaia Bay. The spectacular day allowed the passanger to take wonderful pictures of Uhsuaia. Meanwhile, the (well trained) pilots prepared the plane for landing at the Ushuaia old airport, where the Air Club is located.

"Times flies", and the 30 minutes sightseeing flight ended. Passangers were delighted due to the wonderful scenerys that they had just flew over "Exellent!!", thay esclaimed. After all, 30 minutes seems to be a very short time; there are lots of thing to see during the flight, not only the scenerys: the cokpit worck of the pilots is admirable too. The 14 passangers leaved, but flying at the end of the world was an unforgettable  experience that they will not forget.

2012-2013 sightseeing flights season is offiacilly open!!! Welcome you on board!


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