Flight School

Your dream is to be an airline pilot? Do you want to fulfill the dream of becoming a pilot? Would you like to fly but only as a hobby?

It does not matter if your goal is to become, in the future, an airline pilot or if you want to learn to fly only as a hobby. It does not matter if you're young or old. It does not matter the time of the year. Aeroclub Ushuaia’s Flight School has its doors open to help you accomplish your goals.
Whether if you want to do it as a career or as a hobby, everything starts with the Private Pilot course. Once completed and approved said course, you earn your Private Pilot License (PPL). This license is issued by the national aviation authority of Argentina (ANAC) and allows you to fly single engine aircrafts with a maximum weight of 5.700 kg. The main limitation of this license is that it does not allow you to charge (you can not work as a pilot for a company). If your goal is to fly as a hobby, the Private Pilot License is probably the indicated license for you!

Now, what if I want to work as a pilot? Then the Private Pilot License is only the beginning. Since you became a pilot, you have to accumulate 200 hours of flying experience which, along with a theoretical course*, allows you to become a commercial pilot (CPL). With this license you are able to work as a pilot, with some minor limitations.
After reaching a flight experience of 500 hours (since you got your private pilot license), along with a theoretical course*, you can become a Flight Instructor. This will allow you to give flight instruction, that is, teach students how to fly and help other pilots that wish to improve their technique, all while you accumulate more flying experience.
Once you have 900 hours of flight experience and the corresponding theoretical course* you can become a First Class Commercial Pilot (PC1), which allows you to work as a copilot in a regular airline.

Requirements to begin the Private Pilot course in our flight school:

  • Be at least 16 years and 9 months old (for under-age it an authorization from a parent with the certified signature of a public notary or a justice of the peace is required).
  • Have completed basic general education (EGB) or equivalent.
  • Possess a medical certificate (psychophysical), issued by the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC).
  • Read, speak, write and understand the Spanish language correctly.
  • Be a member of Aeroclub Ushuaia. *1
  • Argentinean residence is required

For more information do not hesitate to call us at 421 717 or 421 892 or better yet, approach the Aeroclub (Pasarela Luis Pedro Fique 151) and one of our flight instructor will provide you all the necessary information so you can start the course.

 *: Aeroclub Ushuaia does not dictate the theoretical courses required for licensing: Commercial Airplane Pilot, Flight Instructor Airplane and Commercial Pilot 1st Class Tickets. Those courses can be performed remotely from Ushuaia, by enabled schools. Required flight experience can be performed in our Aeroclub.

*1: To become a member of the Aeroclub Ushuaia and pay the reduced fee of the PPL's course, you must have one year of residence in Tierra del Fuego.