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About Us

We are the first and only Aeroclub in Ushuaia. Also, the southernmost in the world.

For more than 60 years we have been providing an excellent service in commercial pilot training and tourist overflights.


Remember that our departures are 100% subject to weather conditions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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Our services

From Aeroclub Ushuaia we offer a wide range of services from baptism flights for those who are starting in aviation to more advanced profiles that need practice and flight hours.


Baptism flights and overflights in Ushuaia

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Pilot school

Commercial pilot training

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Strategic location and hanagraje services

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Live an unforgettable experience!

Passenger testimonials

It was excellent. The takeoff and landing were flawless. No maneuvers to look for. The pilot is excellent. This experience is a 10!

Matias L.

It is beautiful. You can see all of Ushuaia, the National Park, the entire Beagle Channel. A marvel. The view is beautiful. Highly recommended.

Paula G.

It’s amazing! An experience you will never forget. The flight is divine and the aircraft is silky smooth. It was very serene, we saw a full rainbow.

Gustavo C.

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Donation of materials

Donation of materials

Yesterday we made a donation of materials for the blind and visually impaired service of the special school N1 KAYU.