It is often said that at the beginning and until the middle of the 20th century aviation was very romantic, but things have certainly changed a lot.
It seems that today’s airplanes are based on acronyms that are incomprehensible to romantics:
VOR-VHF-VFR-IFR-VMC-IMC-11SEP-PSA-GPS-GPS-ILS-ISA-GAS-TAS-IAS- etc. and that the pilots’ role is limited to making transfers or going out to fly to return to the same place.

But at the beginning of the 21st century, we were surprised by Justimiano Jackson, a Brazilian citizen, who decided to ratify his love and ask his beloved Clarissa Louzada to marry him.

This can be done by any romantic, but the peculiarity is that this one decided to do it aboard a PA28-140 Cherokee of our fleet flying over the end of the world.

So at an altitude of 2000 feet – blocking the VOR USU – with bow to Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse (approximately 8 nautical miles to the East) and with the complicity of the pilot, the gentleman asked her to marry him by reading some pages he had previously prepared.

Pulling out of his pocket two ring cases, he shocked the young woman to tears…… obviously her answer was YES.
If any romantic wants to copy the idea, come to our Aero Club, the Cheroquito (LV-LCF) does not fail. From now on we do baptism flights… and to declare love and with the same price!

Omar R.  Zarate
Pilot of the romantic Cheroquito.