Last April, the Board of Directors of the Aeroclub, headed by our President Eduardo ORTEGA, sent a note to the National Administration of Civil Aviation (A.N.A.C.) with the purpose of complying with the provisions of the Aeronautical Code – which was sanctioned through Law Nº17.285 – specifically in its article 134º, in the sense that “National carriers are obliged to transport in their aircraft, free of charge, an official of the aeronautical authority who must travel on an inspection mission. The seat shall be reserved up to twenty-four hours before the scheduled departure of the aircraft. The same obligation applies to foreign companies, with respect to their routes within the Argentine territory, up to and from the first stopover outside it.”

As a result of this management, the ANAC processed our request by initiating File No. S01:0088735/2013 by which a new tariff regime was implemented. As a result, on July 29, 2013, Note UPCG 182/13, the Administration issued an affirmative response to our rightful claim.

Once again, the National Civil Aviation Administration has shown its sensitivity and commitment to the Aerial Sports Institutions, fully applying the provisions of National Decree No. 1770/2007 regarding the promotion of aviation in general, so “it is established that aerial sports institutions, non-profit are exempted from paying the fees that should apply.

We assume that we will soon be receiving the enabling legal instrument, which is excellent news for all the Aertoclubs in the country, which will alleviate our meager economies.