On Sunday November 18 arrived our mechanic, Mr. Ariel ARGENTE, who came from removing the propeller and proceeding to the assembly of the new PA-38 LV-FFC.

It is estimated that by Friday the aircraft will be fully assembled and ready for commissioning.

The documentation process is well advanced and it is estimated that all the paperwork will be obtained within 15 days. We believe that before the end of the year, the Fuegian skies will see the ship take off.

It is a pleasure to see the condition of the material. The engine is impeccable, the paint looks like it was just done, the instruments are luxurious, in short, everything looks VERY GOOD. Hopefully it will fly just as well.

Once the assembly is finished, the ANAC inspector must come to issue the airworthiness certificate.

On November 20, the wings were joined and the fuselage was placed with the participation of many members, new and old, as you can see in the photos in the gallery.