The Aeroclub Ushuaia has in its facilities one of the best barbecues in the city of Ushuaia. Located at Pasarela Luis Pedro Fique 151, our barbecue area has large windows that guarantee the best views of the city, the Andes Mountain Range and if you like airplanes, also of the runway of the old airport of Ushuaia, current headquarters of the Aeroclub. 

The quincho has a large kitchen, which is integrated with the rest of the living room and has an interior grill, gas oven, running water, wooden cutting boards, large countertops, a refrigerator and a large frezzer. It is also equipped with separate bathrooms for men and women. 

The tables are easily removable and the chairs are stackable in order to customize the room depending on the type of event you wish to hold. Crockery (plates, glasses and cutlery) is included in the rent.

The quincho has a large garden so that your event is not limited to the walls of the hall. It also has a large outdoor lighted parking lot.

In compliance with safety standards, the quincho has fire extinguishers and two emergency exits, in addition to the main access. Both exits are clearly marked with signs.