Many tourists ask us about the possibility of flying to Cape Horn, but very few are interested in visiting Isla de los Estados. Undoubtedly, the first is an icon of the area, but much more beautiful and interesting is the flight to the tip of the Isla Grande de la Tierra del Fuego.

The flight begins by traveling from west to east through the Tierra Mayor Valley, located between the Sorondo and Alvear Sierras, in the middle of the Andes Mountain Range. Crossing towards the lakes area through the Garibaldi pass, following the route of National Route Nº3, we will see lakes Escondido, Fagnano, Yehuin, and Chepelmut, and then fly over the town of Tolhuin -in the heart of the island- towards Cabo Peñas, on the Atlantic coast.

When we reach the sea, we will see the wreck of the Desdemona and following the coastline we will find the wreck of the Duquesa de Albany, near the Estancia Policarpo, in the Mitre Peninsula.

Weather permitting,  we are set to cross the Le Maire Strait, reaching the west coast of Staten Island.

The ideal is to go around the island from the north, being able to see the New Year’s Lighthouse at  the Observatory Island and the reconstruction of the famous End of the World Lighthouse, and then return to the south, heading to Cape Buen Suceso.

From there, we will travel the entire southern coast of the Isla Grande, passing through Aguirre and Sloggett Bays, Moat and Harberton Estancias, Picton, Lenox and Nueva Islands, Puerto Williams (in Chile) and Puerto Almanza, where we will face the majesty of the Darwin Range, the highest mountains in Tierra del Fuego.

Then, we will sail along the coast of the Beagle Channel,  passing by Puerto Remolino, Puerto Mejillones, the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, to suddenly find the beauty of Ushuaia Bay.

This flight takes approximately three and a half hours and should be done in good weather conditions.   You can include a stopover at the Tolhuin Aerodrome to take some good pictures of the place.

Undoubtedly, a flight with more beauties to admire than Cape Horn, with its meaning of adventure and challenge.