One hour flight

Ushuaia City, Andes Mountains, Lake Fagnano, Harberton Ranch, Beagle Channel and Les Eclereurs Lighthouse.

The one hour flight begins at Ushuaia City’s old airport, where the flying club is located, just 10 minutes walking distance from the center of Ushuaia.
Upon arrival at the Aeroclub, you will be received by one of our pilots who will provide all the information about the flight along with the required safety information.
When everything is ready, you will board one of our eight airplanes, which will be previously selected by the pilot to satisfy your needs. All our aircrafts are in perfect state of maintenance, meeting the highest standards in this area.

“Our service is 100% personalized. Before, during and after the flight our pilots ensure the welfare of our passengers”.

After take off we climb up to an average altitude of 3,500 feet, equivalent to approximately 1150 meters, while we fly over Ushuaia Bay heading towards the mighty and iconic Mount Olivia and Mount Cinco Hermanos. During the ascent, you will enjoy unparalleled views of the city of Ushuaia.

Passing beside the impressive Mount Olivia, we enter the Tierra Mayor Valley where you can see, among other things, the majestic Esmeralda Lagoon, the Ojo del Albino Glacier, Mount Alvear and its two glaciers and the Krund Hill, where the Cerro Castor Winter Resort is located. From the plane you can perfectly see the slopes and ski lifts of the Resort. If it is winter you can even see the skiers!

We cross the Andes Mountains heading north through the Garibaldi pass, where we will see the Escondido Lake, the Petrel Inn and the Bombilla Lagoon. Then we will meet with the vastness of Lake Fagnano (Kami).

Already in the area of Lake Fagnano, we will fly east being able to see the Yehuin and Chepelmut lakes on the left and the Santa Laura and San Ricardo lagoons on the right. A few kilometers ahead is located Tolhuin, a small commune settled in the heart of the big Island of Tierra del Fuego.

We leave behind the area of Lake Fagnano flying due south to the iconic Harberton Ranch, as we descend to appreciate it from up close. Immediately after we fly over Hammer Island, known for being the home of migratory penguins during the summer season. After that you can see Gable Island and, on its west coast, the Gable Fronton.

From this moment we will fly heading west toward the Ushuaia City, always over the Beagle Channel. But there is still much to see: The Channel divides Argentina from Chile, so at this time we will be flying right over the international border. The Big Island of Tierra del Fuego (on the right) belongs to Argentina; while the Navarino Island, on the left, belongs to Chile.

In our journey towards the city we can see Puerto Williams and the “Dientes de Navarino” (Chile), Puerto Almanza and its fishing ventures, the tourist vessel Monte Sarmiento, which ran aground in Puerto Remolino in 1935, the Encajonado River, Punta Segunda and Tunel ranches, as well as the lonely and world famous Les Eclareurs lighthouse, along with the seawolfes island and the birds island.

Now in the final stage of our flight, we leave behind the lighthouse to go back to Ushuaia Bay, where we fly over the city while descending to land at the old airport. It is at this precise moment when you have the best views of downtown Ushuaia.


  • It is possible to make a free reservation. You can call us or send us an email (by clicking here) to reserve. Passengers choose the day and time of the flight. To find out the prices of our flights, click here.
  • All our flights are subject to change or cancellation. Weather conditions (cloudiness, precipitation, turbulence, etc.), aircraft operational issues and other factors may cause variations in circuits and even cancellations.